17 best offers for toys for Black Friday (2021): STEM toys and technologies for children

The shopping event of the year is ahead of us. As delivery delays cause chaos during the holiday season, it is best to buy now. The best STEM toys encourage children in your life to develop their interests, skills and creativity. But why would we want to limit ourselves to science, technology, engineering, and math? Let’s say “STEAM toys” and include the arts. We have selected the best offers for STEM toys for Black Friday. We plan to update this history regularly as more trades occur.

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We test the products all year round and manually select these deals. Tagged products (Sold) are sold out or no longer have a discount on their publication. We will update this guide over the Black Friday weekend.

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Toy deals

Lego classic bricks and plates

Photo: Walmart

Best buy,, Coles

Both my children played with this sturdy table, which has space inside to store large bricks. This is a great toy for young children who are not yet ready for anything too small or difficult and will encourage their inner architect. The legs are fixed in place for play and can be folded when ready.


When your children are old enough (Lego offers 4 years and older), there are few toys that offer such unbridled creativity. This classic set includes a total of 1,500 pieces with four base plates and a range of colored bricks that can be built into anything your little ones can imagine.


This selection of cute animal figurines comes with special non-toxic washable markers so your kids can develop their artistic skills by drawing designs on them. When they get tired of the current look, they can just wash the colors in the sink and start again. My daughter loves them and spends hours scribbling new designs and playing with them.

Hobby deals

National Geographic rocker hobby set

Photo: National Geographic


Interesting rocks can be found almost everywhere, and novice geologists will get a kick from this cup of National Geographic, which turns rough rocks into dazzling gems. Comes with some rough stones, grit, strainer and jewelry settings. It’s a little noisy, so you may want to keep it outside. Target also offers a 30 percent discount on a wide range of other National Geographic research activities and kits.

Amazon,, Gamestop

Children as young as 5 can start learning about coding with the Botley robot without the need for a screen. Botley can move in six directions, light up and make sounds. This kit also includes obstacles and tiles to provide a variety of challenges. Here it is important to note that this is the older model, not Botley 2.0.

Game deals

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Photo: Osmo

Purpose,, Amazon,, Best buy,, PlayOsmo

Combining the digital and physical worlds, Osmo’s innovative kits appear in our guide to the best STEM toys. Children mount their iPad or Fire tablet on a special stand and participate in educational puzzles and games, interacting with pieces on the desktop. The tablet’s camera captures your action and provides on-screen feedback and audio. The games develop skills such as addition and multiplication, spelling and vocabulary, solving puzzles and physics, learning to draw, basic coding and more. There are fun and imaginative kits for different ages, from preschoolers to 12-year-olds.

Purpose,, Best buy

For newcomers to Osmo, the starter kit is the most suitable, as it includes a base for your iPad or Fire tablet. The Little Genius starter kit is for preschoolers.

Purpose,, Amazon

One of our favorite family board games, Travel ticket challenges you to draw rail routes in North America. Recommended for children over the age of 8, as it has a lot of strategy and a little math, but it doesn’t take much time to play and is a lot of fun. Ticket for Ride Europe also retails for $ 18.


Creating matching tile groups to get the most out of your game board sounds simple, but Azul has enough strategic depth to challenge your kids’ math, planning, and puzzle skills. This is another of our choices for the best family board games.

Offers for tablets and Kindle

Kindle Kids Edition (2019, 10th generation)

Photo: Amazon

For reading, educational applications and games, watching documentaries and more, the tablet can be an excellent purchase for children. While you can read on tablets, e-readers are more comfortable for the eyes and allow parents to ensure that their children read rather than play. See our guide to the best children’s tablets for more options.

Amazon,, Purpose

A portable tablet with protective armor, a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids + and a two-year warranty for a carefree change contribute a lot to families with young children (8/10, WIRED recommends). There are many educational applications and games, videos and books, as well as solid parental controls.

Amazon,, Purpose,, Best buy

If your kids are getting a little older for the “baby tablet” with rubber bumper, this is an upgrade that you wouldn’t mind seeing them hold. It offers the same benefits as the smaller HD 8, including educational content from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding and LEGO. And it still has a protective case, although it’s a little more elegant and has a comfortable stand.


This small, lightweight e-book reader (7/10, WIRED recommends) is the ideal size for kids and comes with a foldable cover, one year on Amazon Kids + and a promise that Amazon will replace it if it breaks within two years. It’s easy to download e-books or just browse them from your local library.

Amazon,, Best buy

An upgrade to the basic Kids Kindle above, the Paperwhite boasts the same benefits, but also has a backlit screen for reading in low light or at night and the ability to withstand brief immersion in water.

Subscription transactions

Yousician Premium for iPad

Photo: Yousician


Learning to play an instrument is a useful activity for any child, and this smart app uses the built-in microphone of a smartphone, tablet or laptop to provide feedback while playing. See our guide to the best music learning sites and apps for more information.

Speaker deals

Amazon Echo Dot Kids (4th generation)

Photo: Amazon


The children’s version of Amazon Echo Dot gets a cute animal makeover like a tiger or panda. It is a full-fledged intelligent speaker that allows children to ask Alexa questions, play music, listen to audiobooks and even try educational skills. Like the rest of Amazon’s Kids range, it comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids + ($ 3 a month thereafter), solid parental controls and a two-year worry-free warranty.


With songs and stories featuring some of your children’s favorite Disney and Pixar characters, this durable, child-friendly speaker is a great alternative to screens. The children place a plastic figurine, like Woody from Toy Story, at the top of the speaker to trigger related content. Additional packages with other character links are available for everything from Disney princesses to Sesame Street characters. You can also record your own stories and songs or get grandparents to record so they can read to your little ones from afar. The basic Toniebox Starter Set is also available for $ 70 ($ 30 discount) on Amazon.

More deals

Photo: SBenitez / Getty Images


This enticing Target promotion allows you to choose from three items from a wide selection of books, video games and board games, but you only pay for two. There are several educational options and many things to encourage creativity and solving puzzles.

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