17 early Black Friday deals for Amazon devices: Kindle, Echo, etc. (2021)

Amazon unleashed many early Black Friday offers for your own devices. Looking for some smart gadgets to enhance your home? There are many options – ranging from Fire TV Stick to Echo Dot (including one for children). Amazon also offers many discounts for its range of Fire and Kindles tablets. To make your shopping easier, we’ve put together all the best deals below.

WIRED Black Friday Early Coverage

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Kindle Deals

Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s main Kindle (8/10, WIRED recommended) is our favorite to offer to most people. It has a 6-inch touch screen with E Ink with built-in headlight, which makes it easier to read in the dark. However, it is not as waterproof as the Kindle Paperwhite and only comes with 8 gigabytes of storage.

Like Amazon’s range of children’s Fire tablets, the company’s Kindle Kids Edition too comes with a protective case, a two-year warranty and a one-year free Amazon Kids + (which allows parents to set reading goals and age filters and add books to their child’s library.)

Kindle Paperwhite Kids is the better option if you are looking for something a little more durable as it is waterproof. It also comes with a 6.8-inch screen that is larger than the Kindle Kids’ 6-inch display.

Fire TV deals

Fire TV Stick Lite

Photo: Amazon

This is one of the best devices for streaming TV. If you’re all-in on Amazon, Fire TV Stick 4K is a great choice because its menus are skewed to the company’s Prime Video service and buying content from its store. And as a third-generation version, it is faster than its predecessors.

Don’t have a 4K TV? And you have no interest in making the change? Fire TV Stick Lite works well for standard HD TVs. We tested earlier HD models and it offers access to all major streaming applications. It is also equipped with a simpler version of the Alexa remote, which lacks all the branded buttons for specific services such as Netflix and has no power or volume controls on the TV; you will need another app for this. It allows you to control the content via voice commands.

The Fire TV Cube is designed for hands-free streaming via Alexa voice search (6/10, WIRED recommends). It struggles with this difficult mission and many people may be better off with a cheaper Fire TV Stick. Fortunately it comes with a remote. This is the standard discounted price.

Echo speaker offers


Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo (8/10, WIRED recommends) holds the title of best overall on our list of Amazon Echo and Alexa’s best speakers. Thanks to its spherical redesign, it offers much better sound quality than previous Echos – especially for larger rooms. This is a decent option for those looking for a speaker under $ 100.

If the charming tiger and panda prints on the children’s edition of Echo Dot are not enough, it also comes with parental controls and offers great sound quality. It also includes one year free Amazon Kids +, giving you access to games, audible books and other additional features.

Amazon Echo Buds

Photo: Amazon

The second generation Echo Buds (8/10, WIRED recommended) come with noticeable improvements over the first iteration. The new Echo Buds feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC), a more comfortable ergonomic fit and improved microphones for Alexa voice controls, making them ideal for use at high settings. Or you can choose Echo Buds with wireless charging case for $ 90 ($ 50 discount.)

It’s Echo Glow technically intelligent night light, but its features do not exceed the ability to switch between colors and adjust brightness with controls through the accompanying Alexa application. Still, its small footprint and fun shades (like Disco and Underwater) make it a nice addition to a child’s bedroom. But without built-in microphones, you’ll need to connect it to an Alexa-compatible device to control it with voice commands.

Suggestions for fire tablets

Photo: Amazon

We consider Fire HD 8 (7/10, WIRED recommended) to be a great, very basic tablet. It has a fast processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and great battery life. And its compact size makes it ideal for travel. This version is 32 gigabytes, but you can also get the 64 gigabyte version for sale for $ 75.

We crowned Fire HD 10 (7/10, WIRED recommended) for the best Fire tablet and our favorite budget tablet. Of Amazon’s entire range of tablets, it is not only the fastest, but also has the largest display with a diagonal of 10 inches (with increased brightness compared to last year’s model). The base model has 32 gigabytes of storage, but you can also choose a 64-gigabyte model for $ 115 ($ 75 discount).

For a little more money than the base Fire HD 10, the HD 10 Plus (32 gigabytes) comes with several more features, including wireless charging, 4 gigabytes of RAM (3 gigabytes in Fire HD 10) and a soft touch cover. Need more storage space? The 64-gigabyte version also sells for $ 145 ($ 75 discount).

Fire HD 8 kids

Photo: Amazon

We believe that Fire HD 8 Kids is the best tablet for children for various reasons. It comes with the same features as regular Fire tablets, with the addition of a heavy-duty case and a two-year warranty in case of accidental release. As with Echo Dot Kids, you get a free year on Amazon Kids +.

The professional version of Amazon’s Kids tablets is a better option for those with an older child. It is larger than the HD 8 Kids tablet, offers the ability to install apps from a kids app store (while providing access to parental controls), and the protective case is less intense.

Other devices

Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi router

Photo: Eero

Eero 6 won a place in our list of the best Mesh Wi-Fi routers because of its simplicity – Gear Team employee Simon Hill said that it is one of the easiest to set up. While it was too one of the slower systems it tests (over longer distances), however, turned out to offer a fairly wide coverage and a stable connection. Especially with this deal you will get one Eero 6 router and two Eero 6 expanders.

Amazon’s Halo is not our best choice for tracking health and fitness, but it is useful for tracking voice tone. WIRED Senior Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Soe said that despite her discomfort with the idea of ​​Halo, his ability to notice changes in her emotional and psychological states through the tone of her voice created a change in her own relationships.

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