37 Best Deals on Target Cyber ​​Monday (2021)

Aura Carver (standard version)

Photo: Aura

Purpose,, Best buy

We love digital photo frames, and Aura are the best. This is a newer, with an activated video version of our favorite frame from the brand. If you want other versions, they are all reduced as well.

Purpose,, Bed Bath & Beyond,, Best buy

Feel a Google Nest theme? (We have a complete list of even more deals with Google.) I (Adrienne) tested the Nest Cam external camera with the battery, which I also liked (and included in our review of the best external security cameras). This is the cable internal version, which is more convenient if you have pets, small children or valuables that you need to keep in mind at home.

Purpose,, Amazon ($ 90),, Best buy

We haven’t tried this particular model, but we have tested and liked the previous Nest thermostats. Set schedules and control heating and air conditioning directly from your phone. I will even remind you to change your filter and turn on eco mode when you leave.

Photo: Google

Purpose,, Walmart,, Best buy

You may need a networked router if you have dead Wi-Fi hotspots in your home or want to extend Wi-Fi to your backyard. Newer models than this one will work with Wi-Fi 6. However, this is still a decent price for a network router that works well.

Purpose,, Amazon,, Best buy

If you want a toothbrush that is a little more powerful than a hand-held one, but not so much as to wake up the neighbors, Philips One is one of our favorite electric toothbrushes. This is a rechargeable version, but the one with AAA batteries also sells for $ 15 ($ 10 discount).

(Availability is limited and depends on your location)

The iRobot no longer sells the E5 directly, and it’s an older model that uses reactive (ie, random ping pong) navigation. However, it still has easy-to-clean iRobot and Dirt Detect rubber brushes to smell problem areas on your floors. Like some other Target products, it is not always available for delivery in every area.

Game deals

Oculus Quest 2

Photo: Oculus

No, you’re not technically save money with this deal on the best-selling VR headset of all time. But it’s a good way to get a comfortable stand and a pad while you’re in it.

Purpose,, Amazon,, Best buy

If you’re not such a VR fan, consider it Two are needed. This is one of our favorite co-op games, in which two people play like May and Cody, a divorced couple who have to compete to find their daughter after she’s turned into a doll. It is full of ingenious puzzles and we loved playing it. This is the best price we have seen so far.

Purpose,, Amazon (sold out)

This transaction is in stock and exhausted, so check again if you don’t see it available right now. Subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate may be one of the best in-game deals right now. It comes with a library of Netflix-style games, including many first-day game editions from Microsoft-owned companies like Bethesda and Bungie, for a low price. It usually costs about $ 15 a month, but you can currently get three months for $ 25, which you can order up to 36 months.

When you want to get serious about streaming on your gaming channel, you need to invest in a decent microphone. This one is very popular.

Purpose,, Amazon

Super sweet and inventive platform fun that is suitable for the whole family. Playing as the titular Sackboy, you must save Craftworld from the villainous Vex and you can attract a friend to help you. This is another game that made our best cooperative games on the couch.

Purpose (sold out),, Amazon

Named the best for 3D audio in our guide to the best gaming headphones, these JBL headphones boast a wide, extensive sound stage and deep rumble bass. But spatial audio makes it so good for complete immersion in your favorite games. There is also active noise reduction and a super clear microphone, but the aesthetics of gamers can be a bit flashy for some tastes.

Fitness and parenting deals

Theragun Elite

Photo: Therabody

Purpose,, Therabody,, Verishop

Elite is Theragun’s quietest device, and application integration makes it easy to store massage treatments for recurring problem areas.

Purpose,, Therabody,, Verishop

Foam rolling is aimed at large parts of your body, such as your legs and back. This corrugated roller looks like a traditional textured foam roller, but also vibrates like a percussion device.

Amazon Fire Kids tablets are our best budget choice for tablets for children. They come with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids +, Amazon’s curated content platform, and a two-year replacement warranty that is superb in the industry – a necessity when handing over hardware to small, unstable hands.

This is one of our best gifts for teens! Available in a wide range of colors, Fujifilm has included a one-touch selfie mode.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Photo: Samsung

Purpose,, Amazon,, Best buy,, Samsung

If you’re an Android user who longs for the Apple Watch equivalent, you’re in luck. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 uses WearOS and has a bright OLED screen and accurate health and tracking features.

Purpose,, Amazon,, Best buy

For most people who are not trying to break a personal record or climb a mountain freely, Fitbits is a magically sweet place for attractiveness, accessibility and functionality. Charge 5 (8/10, WIRED recommended) is currently our favorite fitness tracker, even if you need to subscribe to Fitbit Premium for personalized content.

Purpose,, Amazon

We said that the Apple Watch SE is the best Apple Watch for most people and this is especially true at this price. This is the cheapest model that will work with Family Setup if you want to buy a watch for an older family member or child.

Board game Ticket to Ride.

Photo: Days of Wonder

Purpose,, Amazon

One of our favorite family board games, Ticket to Ride is easy to make and pretty fast to play. Players have to claim different train routes in North America to win, and there is even little educational value among the fun with the geography and math knowledge that go into any winning strategy.

For all parents who are worried about screen time, this child-friendly speaker is a smart alternative to a tablet or TV. Kids can place characters on the rugged speaker to trigger related content such as songs and stories. This starter kit comes with Lightning McQueen from Cars, Woody from Toy Story, Simba from Lion King, and Sully from Monsters Inc.

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