5 classic baby costumes for Halloween

One of the most fun holidays to celebrate with your baby is Halloween! There are so many options for fun baby costumes, but you can’t go wrong with classics. See our list of baby costumes for Halloween and you will surely surprise and delight the whole neighborhood.

1. Baby mom

Easy DIY baby costume that you can make at the last minute, baby mummy is the perfect combination of cute and ghostly. Start with a plain white T-shirt and a pair of leggings and wrap loosely woven strips from an old sheet or pillowcase to create the classic mummy wrap. Insert the ends of the shells into your little one’s wedges so they don’t unravel as they walk in their ghostly gaps, and remove the shells completely before bed.

2. Baby pumpkin

It’s not Halloween until there is at least one pumpkin. Plus, babies already have the perfect pumpkin shape! Get a thick pumpkin costume for your little one from any Halloween store or a classic Halloween look party. Bonus points for a photo session with pumpkin patches with your little gourd.

3. Baby scarecrow

What’s sweeter than a baby in overalls? Scarecrow baby in overalls! A baby scarecrow costume is another homework option that uses items from your baby’s existing wardrobe. Take a pair of overalls and a cozy long-sleeved shirt and add a little straw to your pockets to create your own baby scarecrow. Complement the look with a hat with a bucket and a large artificial flower to complete the costume.

4. Baby hot dog

For a fun baby suit, look no further than a baby hot dog, a great choice for babies who aren’t walking yet. Dress your baby in a mini hot dog suit and wear your favorite baseball cap to create a good old fashioned stadium day. The only thing you will have to worry about is getting hungry carrying this beautiful looking baby.

5. Baby shark

He does straight-to-do-does. We know you hear the song! Lean on the cultural phenomenon with your own baby shark. And if you think about babies really have many qualities like sharks: sharp teeth, constantly moving and a little mysterious. Plus, your baby will have their own themed song for a trick or treat!

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