Apple AirPods Review (2021): Pimples are not for you

Once you put them in your ears, the new AirPods sound good. But it’s annoying how much outside sound comes in when you’re outside, which makes everything much more blurry. Again, compared to models with similar prices from Jabra, Samsung and other modern manufacturers of the highest level, they remain in the dust. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 dual driver array sounds drastically better and costs $ 25 less.

The good parts

Photo: Apple

There are some legitimate good things about headphones made by Apple. I try not to be a totally wet blanket.

They have the same clear division between low and high class that I like on AirPods Pro, although they are much more blurry in the middle range for my ears. The microphones are great again, good enough for any Zoom or phone appointments.

I also like that Apple added surround audio. I don’t think that’s a reason to subscribe to Apple Music, or that it will develop in the wider music industry in general, but I think it’s great for movies. I enjoyed watching Netflix in Dolby Atmos on AirPods Max. It’s good that even Apple’s most basic pimples are already doing this.

I’m even excited to finally have an IPX4 sweat resistance rating. I would be reluctant to take them to a workout because of the aforementioned fitness concerns, but at least you know you can put them in the sink without ruining them.

Lost in time

It took six years for Apple’s design team to realize that removing popular jacks and adding touchpad to laptops is idiotic. How long will it take them to repair a fundamentally defective and expensive pair of headphones?

I’m not sure. AirPods remain the best-selling pimples in history and had almost all the same flaws a month ago. Just like the MacBooks of the past, this is a ridiculous and unnecessary remake that many will probably buy en masse without knowing that they can actually get a better product from the same company for less money.

If you’re an Apple user, I’d spend $ 25 more on the new Beats. I’ve had less than a week with them – I’m about to review – but Fit Pro is taking shape as my new favorite pair of pimples made by Apple. And they have ear tips!

If you don’t need Apple’s surround audio or special integration (increasingly not to make the headphones work very well), shop around. 2021 No one has to pay $ 175 for a pair of plastic nozzles without earbuds, no noise reduction, and two hours less battery life than the pair of $ 40 we just reviewed.

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