Best Google Pixel Phone (2021): Which model to buy, cases, tips and more

If you calculate all these individual services with the price of Pixel 6 Pro for two years, your total will be 1746 dollars. So you effectively pay less. But it’s just really it’s worth it if you watch a lot of YouTube and use YouTube Music instead of other options like Spotify.

Google says that if you already subscribe to one of these services, your current plans will be canceled and you will receive a Pixel Pass bill once your Pixel 6 is shipped (although you will need to manually cancel YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium before subscribing to Pixel Pass).

For those older Pixel phones

Pixel 5

Photo: Google

The Pixel 5 (8/10, WIRED recommended) and the 2020 Pixel 4A 5G are out of stock in the Google Store, and Google says you shouldn’t expect to see them again. You can find them on Amazon, but the Pixel 5 is $ 100 more than the Pixel 6 and is absolutely not worth the price when Google’s latest phone breaks it in any way.

Amazon sells the Pixel 4A 5G for $ 50 more than the newer Pixel 5A, so it’s not a smart purchase, as the 5A adds water resistance and a larger battery and will get longer software support. However, if you are not in the US or Japan, the only two countries where 5A is sold, then it is worth taking.

The Pixel 3 range is too old and this includes the Pixel 3A. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL suffer from poor battery performance and aren’t worth taking. These older phones will also stop receiving software updates in 2022. Buy one of the newer models.

Cases and accessories that we like

Google Pixel Stand.

Photo: Google

Google’s official cases look as if they provide more protection than their predecessors. There are some fun colors, a two-layer design that helps absorb shocks when you drop it, and raised front edges to protect the screen. The inner layer of the Pixel 5A box is made of 75 percent recycled plastic, and the other two are made of 30 percent recycled material after use.

Of all the Pixel cases I’ve tried, this one is the best. It has a wonderful texture that is pleasant to the touch, and the case retains a thin profile. The buttons remain snap and the ports are well exposed. It is accessible, but the front edges are not raised. There is a good chance that the screen will hit the ground when you release it.

Pixel phones do not have a great experience with screen durability – they are easily scratched. We initially tested this for the Pixel 5A, but it is no longer available. Caseology right sell it now for the Pixel 6, although availability is limited. Installation is easy and includes a squeegee to get rid of air bubbles. You get two screen protectors for the price, including a microfiber cloth, a towel and stickers to remove dust.

It is slim, has a nice texture, retains snap buttons and has precise cutouts for ports and speakers. What not to love? This is probably the most attractive range of Spigen cases. The edges aren’t raised drastically, so don’t expect much screen protection. Pair it with the Caseology screen protector above to cover all your bases.

This two-layer case from Otterbox feelings really strong, but quite thin. The edges around the camera module and the front screen are raised, the buttons are easy to press, and the headphone jack and USB-C port are protected from the elements. This one offers a higher degree of protection than the above elections.

Pixels have great cameras, but you can take them further by using third-party lenses like Moment’s. Put on a fisheye lens for a fun, distorted photo effect. Use the 58mm telephoto to get even closer to the subject. Whatever lens you choose, you will need a Moment case to make the system work. It takes about two seconds to insert or remove a lens with a simple rotation. The Pixel 6 cases have built-in Moment (M) Force magnets, so they will work with the company’s various MagSafe stands, such as tripods, video lamps and microphones.

This is a sturdy Pixel wallet case with stand. You can support it at different angles with the folding leather cap on the back in horizontal or vertical orientation. It can even store a credit card or two. It is accumulated and the cards can be a little difficult to remove, but the buttons are easy to press. In addition, there are raised edges at the front to protect the screen.

From Pixel in this guide, wireless charging is only available on Pixel 5, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google’s own Pixel Stand is one of the best wireless chargers because it’s simple. The base does not slide around, the phone remains attached and allows some fun features, such as turning the screen into a digital photo frame and quick access to Google Assistant. Just know that Google will soon release a second-generation Pixel Stand with a built-in fan for faster charging of the Pixel 6 series. Our guide to the best wireless chargers has more options.

Hidden tricks to try if you get a pixel

Waiting time.

Courtesy of Google

There are some key features exclusive to Pixels that you won’t find on any other Android phone. Some of them are only available in the new Pixel 6 series, especially since they rely on the processing power of the Tensor chip. Here’s a quick breakdown:

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