Dream Sock + Dream Duo

Not surprisingly, parenting is hard work. Parents often deal with sleep deprivation and chronic frustration around sleep. To make matters worse, there have been few solutions on the market to deal with this problem … so far.

At Owlet, we believe that parents deserve better. The new Dream Sock and Dream Duo provides personalized information about your baby’s sleep, so parents can take an active role in managing their baby’s sleep. This ultimately builds healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. And when the baby sleeps better, the whole family sleeps better.

Sleep sock

Dream Sock is a wearable baby monitor that uses Owlet’s award-winning technology to track baby’s sleep trends and sleep quality metrics. Parents can use the Owlet Dream app to view real-time sleep information, exclusive content and an adjustable sleep program.

Features you will like:

  • Comfortable fabric sock that wraps around the baby’s legs to monitor the baby’s sleep
  • Real-time sleep quality indicators, such as waking, heart rate, movement and activity, to help you understand what is happening to your child’s sleep
  • Integration with the Owlet Dream app, which shows sleep status, sleep history and sleep quality ratings
  • Tips for parents who progress with the age of your baby, so you will feel empowered with skills related to sleep, nutrition, child development, postpartum adjustment and more!
  • A sleep assessment to help you determine what is preventing your baby from sleeping at night
  • A step-by-step sleep program developed by experts that provides a daily schedule and adapts to your baby’s sleep patterns

Dream Duo

The new Owlet Dream Duo includes both a Dream Sock and an Owlet Cam to provide powerful sleep insights that provide a complete picture of your baby’s sleep.

Features you will like:

  • Secure, night-vision HD video streaming that streams directly to your device over a secure, private connection
  • Two-way audio, background audio and 4x zoom options, plus sound and motion notifications
  • Real-time sleep prompts that let you know when your baby is asleep, awake, uncomfortable, or unable to sleep soundly
  • Integration with the Owlet Dream app to display sleep status, sleep history and sleep quality ratings with live audio and video
  • Weekly parenting tips that give parents skills and confidence
  • Adjustable sleep schedule and our award-winning sleep program created by sleep experts

For tired parents looking for a solution to improve sleep quality, the new Dream Sock and Dream Duo provides you with tools and resources to build healthy lifelong sleep habits that will benefit both the baby and the rest from the family. It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights.

Available in the US only.

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