Now you can blow up the big Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 and IRL

FateThe country’s most iconic weapon, the Gjallarhorn missile launcher, is back. Gjally, as he is affectionately called, dominated the original Fate after its introduction in 2014, but so far it has been missing Fate 2. So far.

bungee, FateThe developer’s Gjally returns to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. The rocket launcher is already available in Fate 2 if you purchased the Bungie 30th Anniversary package.

Bungie is also partnering with Nerf to present a special edition of the Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn Blaster to celebrate. Announced today and pre-ordered next year, Gjallarhorn’s Nerf version is unlikely to launch tracking missiles that will make your enemies regret challenging you in the first place, but it will certainly look impressive in your hands.

I asked the team responsible for Gjally’s return how they plan to bring him back in a fun way, how Nerf got into the picture and if they have any special memories from the original Gjallarhorn (or something they noticed while testing the new one they wanted to share).

First of all, if you played the original Fate, you may know how, although Gjally appeared early, it wasn’t until Year 2 that everyone realized how powerful a rocket could be – to the point that in some cases players insisted teammates had one when trying to clear the contents at the end. of the game.

The rocket launcher became loved, hated and feared in PVP and PVE activities. While the team objected when I asked if the new Gjallarhorn would be as powerful as it was in its previous life, the team offered some other great details about its introduction in Fate 2.

First, I asked why on Bungie’s 30th birthday, the team decided to bring Gjally back. A number of popular Fate weapons find new life Fate 2but why is it Gyaly’s turn now?

“One of the main goals for the 30th anniversary was to bring iconic weapons from Bungie’s history to destiny 2, which made it easy for the team to return Gjallarhorn, ”said Brandon, a designer working on Fate 2 who requested that his last name be omitted for reasons of confidentiality. “It was also an ideal opportunity, because the release dedicated to Gjally and other iconic weapons allowed us to put a lot of love into updating the visualization, audio and design of weapons for Fate 2

The Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster certainly looks impressive.

Photo: Bungie

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