The best online gift cards and digital gift ideas for 2021

With the pandemic protracted and the weather getting colder, wandering around retail stores in search of gifts is a daunting prospect. Shopping online can be just as time consuming and you may experience delivery delays due to a number of global supply chain issues. Even if you successfully secure piles of gifts, many of them will end up in closets or charity shops. Maybe it’s time to try an online gift.

Digital gifts are much easier. Shop from your cozy bed. No need for gift wrapping or delivery. You can find something they really want, or give them the opportunity to choose for themselves. We have a virtual day bar of delicious digital gift ideas for you.

Some online gifts to try

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They may not be so imaginative, but electronic gift cards allow your loved ones to choose what they actually want, and it’s never disappointing to get one (assuming it’s in a place you like). Gift cards are everywhere, you can also look beyond the retail giants to find highly rated independent shops, delicacies or restaurants near your gift.

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