Top 10 most important things for the new mother: what you really need

You have prepared and prepared. You’ve chosen everything you think you might need after reading countless articles, and you’ve thrown it in the baby registry so everyone can look at your baby at your upcoming baby party. We are always so concerned about the necessities of life for newborns, but have you ever thought about what you should have for new mothers?

We tend to get out of the equation quite often and in fact we are the ones who need the most love and support right now! Instead of just guaranteeing your baby’s needs, feel free to add a few of these mandatory things for the mother to your baby’s registry or your list of things you’ll need for yourself!

Top 10 most important for mom

There are so many nursing bras to choose from that it may seem overwhelming. However, the support of your ladies after giving birth is extremely important. Even if you do not plan to breastfeed, you will still need a comfortable bra as your body goes through huge changes after birth. Hormonal surges, discomfort and overall pain are all that can be helped with proper postpartum support.

We recommend taking a few good sleeping bras, a few to wear during the day and one that also helps with pumping without arms!

Maternity pillow Snoogle

Leachco Supreme body pillow

Not only mandatory for pregnancy, but also for the mother! You can spend a lot of time in bed after giving birth (but not sleeping) and being comfortable is vital. The body pillow not only provides you with comfort, but is also the perfect tool for holding a baby or feeding a baby. Most of them can be wrapped around your waist or placed in any position that is comfortable for you, which also helps. See our full list of the best maternity pillows here!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed in 4you trimester. But to be comfortable, you don’t have to include just a pair of old pajamas – invest in something that is still comfortable and cute! Something with really soft cotton (bamboo is our favorite) will help you feel comfortable in your own skin. They can go straight from the hospital room to the bedroom at home!

Buy this – now. You will thank us later. Regardless of the birth you are going through (whether by cesarean section or vaginal), you will need one of these exquisite tools to make going to the toilet as painless as possible. (Although this can be difficult to do at first!) Some hospitals give you a peri bottle before you leave, but the reverse production of these peri bottles is like nothing else. We highly recommend them!

Hydration is crucial after the birth of a baby. And after nine months of pregnancy, you may already have this swallowing – or if you have suffered from nausea and morning sickness, you may not have been able to drink as much water as you would prefer. Postpartum hydration is even more critical as our bodies try to recover from what they have gone through in the last few months and the birth.

If you’re like me, remembering drinking water can be difficult, which is why I love having a large bottle of water on hand at all times. I also love a water bottle that keeps the water cold, so you don’t have to constantly fill it with ice cubes.


Baby basket / Diaper / Sling

How can you be hands-free with a newborn at home? Hang them on yourself with a baby basket to get some work done! Some babies like to be carried more than others, but one thing to keep in mind is that there are so many different carrying baskets. (Plus, practice is key!) One mother and baby may like a ring sling, and another mother and baby may like a wrap. They are all fantastic carriers, so definitely put them on your list so you can try them out as a new mom and see which ones you prefer. You will appreciate having your hands free from time to time!

Sunbeam heating pad

Mighty Bliss heating pad

Recovery after birth can be challenging and can be more difficult if it is not your first baby. You may experience cramps and discomfort as your uterus shrinks back to its normal size before you become pregnant. There are, of course, things you can do to help with this, and heating pads are one of them! Try to have a few in the house so that you are covered (literally and figuratively) in each room!

Another product you should have on your nightstand is a good nipple cream. This product helps you prevent the appearance of cracked or cracked grains, which can be delivered with the 4you trimester. Not all mothers will experience it, but it is something that should be applied independently, because we are all for preventive care.

As important as hydration, maintaining a full stomach is essential for a young mother, although it may seem like an impossible task to complete. Life can be stressful, but having a snack available at any time can do wonders for recovery and milk production. Some snacks can help with the delivery and production of milk if you decide to breastfeed – a snack that fills you and your stocks at the same time!

Home cook

Hello, delivery of fresh food

There are so many amazing alternatives to cooking at home these days, and home food can quickly become obsolete (and expensive). We love the good cooking service – they provide ready meals, usually once a week, on your doorstep. The last thing you’ll want to think about as a new mom is what to cook – these programs can save the day! Take a break and make dinner time enjoyable instead of routine work.

We hope this list allows you to rethink the things you need as a new mother. Of course, there are a million products that can make life with your newborn easier. But the most important person besides the baby in this 4you trimester you are YOU. If mom doesn’t get the care she needs, how can she successfully care for someone else? Add them to your Amazon cart, toss them in your registry, or head to the quick order store and pick up a few. You will not regret. Take care of yourself, mom!

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