Zomee Z2 double electric breast pump: A more detailed review and review

If you are a new mother and have decided to breastfeed your baby, a product I definitely recommend you have is a breast pump. There are so many different pumps on the market and the latest we’ve tried is the Zomee Z2 electric double breast pump. This is a new pump that I’ve heard great things about. I was excited to check it out and see how it really works. We also had a breastfeeding / teasing mother who also tested it (she has a two-month-old baby) and I share my thoughts as a mother and doula after giving birth.

Our first look at the Zomee Z2

Inside the box

Zomee Z2 breast pump

When I opened the box, I saw that the Zomee Z2 includes everything you need for a double or single pump:

  • 1- Zomee Z2 double electric breast pump
  • 1- USB power cable
  • 1- AC adapter 120-240V
  • 2- Body of the chest shield
  • 2- Diaphragms
  • 2- Covering diaphragm caps
  • 2- Duck beak flaps
  • 2- 24 mm flexible chest shields
  • 2- 28 mm flexible chest shields
  • 2-26 ”tube
  • 2- 140 ml bottles of Zomee
  • 2- Beans for bottles
  • 2- Bottle caps
  • 2- Standard bottle adapters with neck
  • 2- Basic chest shield stands
  • 1- Zomee instruction booklet

Portable and light

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the pump was how small and light it was. This is a great size for mothers on the go. It is super portable and can easily fit in a bag or diaper bag without any problems.

USB rechargeable battery

Some smaller pumps sometimes require batteries. I really like how the Zomee Z2 has an internal battery that recharges via USB. This gives mothers the flexibility to recharge and pump where they need to, which is another handy feature for mothers on the go. Plug it into your computer, in the car, wherever you have a USB charging and pump connection!


I like that the display screen is a digital touch screen. It is elegant and has a clean look. The interface is easy to use and consists of 6 buttons. The buttons are the power button (to turn it on and off), the + and – buttons (to adjust the pumping level), the “M” button (to switch to different modes), the play and pause button (to pause and resume pumping instead of having to stop the session and restart), as well as the night light button (on and off). The display shows the current mode, suction level, elapsed time and battery level.

Display on Zomee Z2

Easy to assemble and easy to use

I have assembled many breast pumps over the years for myself as a breastfeeding mother and for my clients after birth. This pump was easy to assemble – very intuitive and uncomplicated. There are few parts and I see that it will be easy to wash and disinfect, which is important to me. All their plastic components are made without BPA or other harmful chemicals and comply with international safety regulations.

To turn it on, hold down the power button for 2 seconds. Then press the “M” button to switch modes. You will want to choose the best mode and level for you.

Hygienic design of a closed system

Zomee Z2 has a completely closed system. This is great because this type of system allows your breast milk to travel through the system, straight from your breast to the bottle, without coming into contact with air. This backflow design will maintain great hygiene for both you and your baby, as it prevents your milk from returning to the pump, prevents infection and keeps your milk fresh.

Night light and super quiet system

When I looked at the pump, I noticed that it has a built-in LED night light, which is a great extra feature and makes working with the Zomee Z2 easy even in the dark.

When I quickly turned it on to hear the engine, I found that the Z2 was extremely quiet. Some pumps can be powerful and disgusting. This one is nice and quiet. You can jump on a call and pump without the other person knowing, or do a night pumping session without waking your sleeping baby.

Personally, I no longer drink for my children, so I was looking forward to seeing my client with the doula and getting her to test it to see how well it works.

Testing the Zomee Z2 breast pump

My client’s boy is still working on the suction power while breastfeeding. He has difficulty draining his mother’s breasts while breastfeeding. Therefore, the breast pump was vital to her. After each breastfeeding, she usually squeezes one of the breasts he has breastfed to get the rest of her breast milk and then bottles her baby.

Once we have disinfected and adjusted the Zomee Z2 pump, we need to check it in action.

Single pumping session

I like how the Zomee Z2 pump offers one-time pumping as an option. After my client breastfed her son on one breast, she tried a single squeeze on that same breast first.

I thought it was interesting that the engine started in the second phase so as to mimic the way the baby is fed by mom. It starts with faster / weaker sucking, followed by slower / stronger sucking to help release milk that mimics the baby’s feeding pattern without having to switch settings. If the level is not strong enough, switch to expression mode and a higher level for stronger suction.

I immediately noticed that this pump quickly disappointed my client. Because it has a 2-phase mode, the technology helps mothers with stimulation, massage and expression, which helps for an effective pumping session.

My client said it was convenient, painless and efficient. In a short 8-minute pumping session, she managed to pump 2 ounces, and that was after her son sucked for 12 minutes. That was great!

Different modes and levels

It is important for mothers to test different modes and levels to understand the best pumping settings for themselves. We saw that the Zomee Z2 has three modes: massage, expression and 2-phase mode. In addition, there are 19 different levels of suction, which is amazing. There is even a setting to imitate first-class people how the baby is fed by mom.

Double pumping

I usually recommend mothers to pump twice if they have to pump. Not only is double pumping faster, but it is also more efficient at generating milk. Compared to single pumping, double pumping results in pumping 18 percent more milk volume in 15 minutes. In addition, because double pumping is more efficient, it results in better drained breasts. Good breast drainage is important for maintaining and increasing the amount of milk – the more milk you express, the more milk you will produce.

Alternative mode technology

What I find really great about this pump is that there is an alternative mode technology: it rhythmically alternates the expression between the breasts. The Z2 is the only pump on the market with alternative mode technology. I need to see this pumping mode rhythmically alternates expression between the breasts with double pumping, which allows each breast to respond to each other and helps increase stimulation and express more milk in less time. I like that they added this technology for alternating stimulation to help mothers deliver milk at a faster rate and have better expressions.

Two other bonuses

From what I saw after testing the Zomee Z2 electric double breast pump, I am extremely pleased with it. Not only is it a portable, quiet, efficient pump with new technology, it also has a great price! It retails for $ 189.99, which is an incredible price for a hospital pump. It is also covered by insurance. Another bonus is that there is a two-year warranty. Here’s how it compares to other breast pumps.

Zomee Z2 comparison chart

Overall, I like this pump, I recommend it and I think it is a great option for breastfeeding people.

* This article is sponsored, but we tested, reviewed and approved this product and shared our honest opinions. Baby Chick only partners with brands we have tested and recommended.

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