20 Must-Haves for Your Future Playdates

Any seasoned mom knows playdates are a must for maintaining a sense of sanity in motherhood. Your little one gets to socialize and burn off energy, and you can interact with another adult for a bit. But successful playdates take a bit of preparation and ensuring you bring along some must-haves.

To make the most of your next playdate, you’ll want to ensure you pack your diaper bag with the necessities. Check out the list below to ensure your next tiny human/mama get-together goes as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.

Playdate Must-Haves

1. Snacks

A toddler girl and toddler boy are sitting outside on a blanket eating a snack.

Snacks are a must anytime you leave the house with a small child, but for playdates, it’s wise to consider bringing something shareable (bonus points for individually packaged). Allergy-safe choices are always great when getting your little one together with others.

2. Snack Containers

A collage of different snack containers for kids

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Because what good are snacks if you don’t have a trustworthy container to keep them in on the go? These snack containers keep the food in hand and the crumbs at bay.

3. Your Kiddo’s Favorite Bottle

THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Kids Straw Bottle, Barbie

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Whatever age your tiny human is, they’ll need to stay hydrated as they get their play on. We love this one because it comes in 42 different designs, is easy to clean, has replacement straws available, and is really easy for tiny fingers to open.

4. Reusable Baggies

Reusable zip-top bags for kids

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Another perfect option for containing snacks (or, really, any child-related small object, including soiled clothing), these are bound to come in extra handy on playdates. Stash a couple in your bag for your next get-together.

5. Boogie Hands Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Hand Sanitizer Wipes by Boogie Wipes, Alcohol-Free, Hypoallergenic and Moisturizing Aloe, Boogie Hand Wipes for Adults and Kids

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Kids are messy enough on their own. But they’re bound to do plenty of germ-sharing during playdates. These gentle, perfectly portable wipes are a given.

6. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack

Backpack diaper bag

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Stylish and spacious, this tried-and-true pick is the ideal landing space for all your playdate must-haves. Among other favorite features, it boasts pockets galore and swoon-worthy designs. If you want more diaper bag options, check the top diaper bags here.

7. Skip Hop Little Kid Backpack

Unicorn kids backpack

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Your kiddo will be ready to hit the playground with this sweet bag made just for them. Featuring adorable styles and the right amount of room for everything they’ll need for their big day out, this one is bound to add even more joy to an already special event.

8. Diapers (And Wipes)

Box of diapers and wipes and portable changing pad

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Of course, if you’ve got a little one still in diapers, they are a must. Don’t forget a portable changing pad if one doesn’t come with your diaper bag!

9. A Change of Clothes

Whether you’re meeting at a friend’s house or the playground, you never know when you’ll find yourself scrambling for something clean to change your child into. Check out our favorite girl clothing brands and check out our favorite boy clothing brands.

10. An Extra Pair of Shoes

Pink and orange toddler sneakers

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It’s less likely that your kiddo will need these, but keeping an extra pair of kicks on standby in your diaper bag or car can’t hurt. Check out more of our favorite toddler shoes.

11. Welly First Aid Kit

Welly first aid kit

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Filled with bandages and other essentials, this sleek first aid kit will give you peace of mind on any outing or in-home playdate.

12. Favorite Toy to Share

Even if your host encourages you to bring yourself and your mini, bringing along a favorite toy can help guarantee everyone stays happy – especially if your child is warming up to their playdate pal.

13. A Treat for The Hostess

If you’re attending a playdate at another family’s home, offer to grab a coffee on the way. If you know the hostess well enough, you might already know what she’ll love. Otherwise, checking in with a simple text the day before (or the morning of) will be appreciated.

14. Wonderfold Wagon

WONDERFOLD W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 High Face-to-Face Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Easy Access Front Zipper Door, and Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Black

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This stroller wagon is a top favorite for little friends on the go. With four seats and storage space for you and your riders, you’ll be glad to have your new favorite stroller wagon along for fun. Moms swear by it!

15. Baby Bjorn Carrier

Grey baby carrier

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If you’ve got a baby sibling in tow, this simple-to-use, supportive baby carrier will free up your hands and allow everyone to relax during your next playdate.

16. Baby Sunnies Kids’ Sunglasses

Kids sunglasses

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A necessity for any outdoor summer playdate, Baby Sunnies sunglasses are available in infant, toddler, and kids sizes and are perfect for protecting those precious eyes.

17. Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket

Rainbow stripe outdoor blanket

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You can’t beat the versatility and ease this indoor/outdoor blanket offers. Water-resistant and compact, a Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket will become a staple for everything from playdate picnics to living room hangouts.

18. Babyganics Kids’ Mineral Sunscreen

Baby mineral sunscreen

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This all-mineral formula sunscreen provides long-lasting coverage so the kiddos can play, and you can stress less over the day’s sun exposure.

19. Babyganics Deet-Free Travel Size Insect Repellent Wipes

Baby insect repellent wipes

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Whether you’re visiting a public park or your neighbor’s backyard, these plant-based insect-repellent wipes will help keep mosquitoes away.

20. Your Phone Camera

Because let’s face it: Regardless of what you have or haven’t packed for your playdate, there are bound to be some adorable moments for you to capture!

While no two playdate prep lists will ever look the same, there are certainly some must-haves that can maximize the fun. We hope this list helps make your next baby-mama meetup a great one! And if you’re looking for things to do on your next playdate, here are some excellent winter playdate ideas and summer playdate ideas.

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