50 Sweet Class Valentine’s Day Ideas For School

Valentine’s Day is a fun time to celebrate the ones we love. This can be a particularly fun day for kids to come up with class Valentine’s ideas. Making crafts, exchanging cards, and sharing their love and affection for others is a sweet tradition. Sure, there are elaborate things parents can do to celebrate the day, but there are also activities and crafts that are simple and fun for everyone to enjoy. Here are 50 of our favorite class Valentine’s ideas.

50 Class Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Blow Me Away

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Mini bubble bottles and wands make for a fun treat in this class Valentine’s idea. Parents who want to minimize their kids’ sugar consumption will appreciate this. There is also something slightly magical about sparkling spheres floating through the air. They can make for an even more fun winter activity if it is snowy or cold.

2. You Make My Heart Spring!

slinky valentines cards

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Who doesn’t love a slinky? Kids will have a ton of fun with these unique class Valentine’s cards. With various colors and phrases, your child will love passing out these treats to classmates!

3. Dinomite

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Dinosaurs bring a little prehistoric fun to the party. Kids, especially the young ones, love little toys. Adding a figurine to a printable card will make their day dino-mite.

4. Heart-Shaped Crayons

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Plenty of families have spare crayons in their houses. This is a perfect craft and fun treat for kids to make with adult supervision. When you’re finished, kids can color their hearts out with cute-shaped crayons. If you are short on time, you can order this already-made set!

5. Love Bugs

Not all bugs are creepy and slimy; some are downright adorable. All you need are foam hearts, a few pipe cleaners, and googly eyes, and voila! You’ll have cute creatures guaranteed not to bug you.

6. Batter Up

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Baseball is a favorite game for many kids and a great way to stay active. These fun baseball-shaped lollipop holders are cute and simple. This is an easy class Valentine’s idea that kids can help with, requiring only a few supplies.

7. Go Fish

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Everyone loves cheesy, crunchy, fishy crackers. This is a fun way to put together a savory snack for your friends. They’ll think you’re a great catch!

8. The Power of Love

slap bracelet class valentines

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Bam! Kids will love these superhero slap bracelets as a fun spin on the traditional Valentine! Each super-power-themed Valentine features 1 of 3 brightly colored slap bracelets!

9. Puppy Love

There is nothing cuter than a puppy, and these puppies are extra sweet. They take a little time to put together, so they are best suited for older kids if they want to help. These will be dog-gone delightful at this year’s holiday party.

10. Pretty Kitty

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Make this V-Day adorable with some cute kitty headbands. Nothing is more fun than adding a little accessory and pretending to be your favorite feline. Add a cute tag, and it will make your friends meow.

11. Love Birds

A little birdie told us you’d love these cute cards! This is an inexpensive, easy idea that kids can help with. You need cupcake liners and markers, and you’ll have darling little love birds in no time.

12. Leaping Lizards

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Not all lizards are slimy and creepy; some are pretty darn cute. We promise you won’t jump out of your scales when you see these cards. Add a little lizard toy to make them extra fun.

13. Toadally Awesome

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Legend says that if you kiss a frog, you might end up with a beautiful princess or charming prince. You don’t kiss these valentines, but a jumping frog toy will make your heart hop. Just tie on a little card and trade with friends.

14. Have a Poppin’ Valentine’s Day

valentines day popcorn sticker

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These adorable die-cute popcorn stickers are a fun spin on a traditional Valentine! Customize the sticker, grab some popcorn, and use some ribbon for a unique and sweet Valentine’s day treat!

15. Holiday Horses

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You’ll say yay, not neigh when you see this cute pony. These are another excellent option for adding a small toy to a Valentine’s Day card. Plus, puns are always fun!

16. Unicorns & Dinosaurs, Oh My!

class valentines

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Kids will love playing with these fun unicorn and dinosaur stretchy Valentines. These easy-to-use cards have 2 holes and a wire to connect the stretchy string and card! A sweet treat minus the candy!

17. Go-Go Gumballs

Everyone will want “chew” to be their Valentine. Once again, bubblegum machines are nostalgic and fun. Little pom poms make great gumballs, and kids can help glue these together.

18. Busy Bookworm

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In the classroom, everyone is encouraged to read. Hold your place as you read all about love with these cute bookmarks. These are customizable with your choice of ribbon color.

19. Berry Cute

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It’s always a good idea to encourage kids to eat healthily. Skipping candy and introducing fruit is a great reminder. These are a berry sweet Valentine’s Day idea.

20. Poppin’ Fun

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Popcorn is always a treat whether you make it on the stove, in the microwave, or enjoy it at the movies. This card will make your Valentine’s heart pop. The card is fun, but adding a bag of microwave popcorn makes it even more special.

21. Top Banana

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Fruit puns are funny, and these cards give you lots to choose from. Mix it up, and you’ll have Valentine’s fruit salad. So many fruits to choose from; you can’t go wrong.

22. Anchors Away

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Valentines are extra fun when you can incorporate a sweet treat. These trading cards have a nautical theme and add a candy piece for fun. Give this minty treat to the Valentine who floats your boat.

23. Hot Wheels

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Your friends will love these fast-paced cards. Adding a small toy will undoubtedly put you in first place. Going the extra mile will win your Valentine’s heart.

24. Plane and simple

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Your Valentine’s heart will take off when they see these. Kids can help put together sweet giveaways. These candy treats are just plane awesome.

25. Cute Copter

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Adding a small toy always makes Valentine’s Day more fun. Hand-held spinning propellers make these cards special. They will help your Valentine to fly high this year.

26. Love Locomotive

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Trains are a classic mode of transportation that has made a name in pop culture. You can even use that famous blue guy as inspiration. You should choo choose this darling card.

27. Sip-Sip Hooray!

crazy straw valentines

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Sip-Sip hooray! The kids will go crazy for these fun Valentine’s cards. This set includes various unique cards and crazy straws in different colors and shapes.

28. Gamer Delight

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Kids spend lots of time playing online and are familiar with many popular games. Colorful cereal treats can be sculpted into familiar faces. You will build your friendships with these Minecraft valentines.

29. Sandy Sentiments

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Tactile toys are great for kids because they improve fine motor skills and can help them relax. Kinetic sand is simple to make at home and always a hit. Or if you are short on time, you can purchase them already made at the link above. These treats help you to think outside the sandbox.

30. Pop It Key Chains

poppin keychain valentine

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There isn’t a kid around who doesn’t love to get their hands on a popping toy. They are relaxing, colorful, and fun. Kids will love putting these cute key chains on their backpacks!

31. Slimy Good Time

50 Sweet Class Valentine's Day Ideas For School

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Another excellent option for a tactile Valentine is slime. Kids love it! You can let your Valen-slime know you don’t want them to slip from your grip.

32. Write It Down

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No matter when you go into a classroom, someone needs a pencil. Put together a card with this school essential that everyone will use. You can write love notes all year with this cute gift.

33. You’re the Bomb

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The ultimate relaxation is getting into a warm bathtub at the end of a long school day. A bath bomb makes that tub even more perfect. Your friends will get squeaky clean with a fizzy bath bomb.

34. Playtime Fun

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Making Play-Doh at home is easy and can be less messy than the kind you buy at the store. Mix up batches in different colors, and you can even add scents. These treats are simply a-doh-able.

35. Chill Out

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Black and white penguins mean winter-weather fun. Add a candy heart to these, and everyone will think you’re a cool kid handing out these Valentines. You can also try sweet, decorated cookies.

36. Dreamy and Creamy

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Lip balm is a fun gift and a much-needed cure for chapped lips in the wintertime. Ice cream flavors and scents make them extra sweet. These will help you give your friends the scoop.

37. Make No Mistake

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Another perfect item for the classroom is an eraser. They will always be used and appreciated. There is no way you can erase your friendships this year.

38. The Eyes Have It

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A kid favorite, pair googly eyes with heart-shaped sunglasses to make for a silly Valentine’s exchange. Plus, sunglasses make a great accessory that kids love. All eyes will be on you when you pass these Valentine’s cards.

39. Donut Forget About Me

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Breakfast is always better with an iced treat. Top it with sprinkles, and you can’t lose. Your classmates will dough-nuts over these Valentines.

40. Be My Valentine, You Will

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Star Wars is a classic theme that never gets old. Choose characters like Yoda or Chewbacca to share in the fun. Add some glow sticks to create their lightsaber for that extra wow effect. This way, you can send Valentine’s wishes from a galaxy far, far away.

41. Under My Spell

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been magic for generations. Kids continue to be under the boy wizard’s spell. These wand-erful Valentines are sure to make you smile. Add a Harry Potter PEZ for an extra treat!

42. Valentine, You’re My Hero

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Mix up your superhero Valentines with a variety of lollipops. Mixing colors with logos make these exchanges super. Adding a sweet treat may give kids a superpower you never know.

43. Shovel on Over

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Playing in the sand is always a fun activity. Let your Valentine know you dig them with these sweet shovel cards. You never know; they may think you’re their buried treasure.

44. You’re Number 1

Going to a game and seeing foam fingers is always fun. Create your mini version to share with classmates. Let your Valentine know that you’re their #1 fan.

45. Say It with a Smile

Don’t use words; tell a Valentine they’re cool and say it with emojis. Kids love emojis and make any excuse to use them. Kids can pick some favorites and create cute cards for their friends with this class Valentine’s idea.

46. Let’s Taco Bout Love

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Who doesn’t look forward to taco Tuesday? It has been a hit recently, and those delicious meat-filled shells are everywhere. Kids can give their Valentine something to taco bout this Valentine’s Day.

47. Totally Cheesy

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Kids love cheese on pizza and with their macaroni, even grilled. Why not give a Valentine a cheesy card? Wrap these around some cheese crackers, cheese chips, or a cheese stick. They’re sure to love it!

48. Packing a Punch

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These Valentines pack a punch. Punching balloons are nostalgic for parents and fun for kids. They will keep kids busy as they try to beat their punching records.

49. Rainbows and Unicorns

Is there anything better than a little fantasy? Kids can tell someone they’re magical with these unique unicorns. Bright colors and sparkles will make anyone’s holiday special.

50. Don’t Monkey Around

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Your kids can tell their friends that they want to hang out this Valentine’s Day. This cute heart-holding monkey is sure to make them smile. Plus, they are fun to play with too.

There is so much love to go around on Valentine’s Day; your kids will surely find some great class Valentine’s ideas on our list this year!

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