The Greatest Gifts for Grandparents Day 2023

There are few things in life more valuable than loving, hands-on grandparents. Grandparents have a special role in children’s lives and deserve to be celebrated. In honor of Grandparents Day 2023, on September 10, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best grandma gifts and gifts for grandpa.

Regardless of how you honor the exceptional grandmothers and grandfathers in your life (and your children’s), we hope these ideas give you the perfect starting point for making this Grandparents Day an extra sweet one.

5 Unique Gifts for Grandparents

Here are five of the most unique gifts for grandparents.

Storyworth books

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Storyworth is a meaningful keepsake gift. Recipients receive an email with weekly questions about their life experiences to respond to (or skip). Stories are ultimately compiled into a published book for loved ones to enjoy — with the option of purchasing additional books. Grandparents can reflect on their life’s journey while grandkids learn about their favorite people: a win-win!

Duncan & Stone Legacy Journal

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This journal is beautifully crafted and filled with short, guided prompts to encourage familial storytelling for sharing and safekeeping. Ideal for grandparents who prefer good old-fashioned pen and paper to technology.

Skylight Frame

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A digital photo frame suitable for anyone, but especially long-distance grandparents. Sending photos of the kiddos via the mobile app or email couldn’t be easier, and recipients can also load their own.


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These monthly photo books are meant to keep your most memorable moments available and are guaranteed to be cherished by any proud grandparents.

5. Lovebox for Grandparents

Lovebox for Grandparents

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An adorable, connected messaging device made for instant back-and-forth sharing of messages, photos, hand-drawn notes, and more. Lovebox works with an app and can be purchased in one- or two-box sets.

5 Gifts for Grandma

Here are five of the best grandma gifts to let your favorite nana know you’re thinking of her.

1. Little Words Project Grandma Bracelet

Little Words Project Grandma Bracelet

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A simple, straightforward choice for any grandmother. This hand-crafted, crystal-beaded bracelet is the perfect mix of casual and charming. If the matriarch of your family goes by something other than “grandma,” Little Words Project has you covered with an option to customize the bracelet.

2. A Love Journal: 100 Things I Love About My Grandma

A Love Journal: 100 Things I Love About My Grandma

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With 110 pages full of prompts to fill in, this is one of the best grandma gifts. It has space for notes, pictures, and mementos; this budget-friendly pick is fun to complete and uber-special to receive and read.

Carrie Saxl Generations Necklace Set

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This 24k gold vermeil, 14k gold-fill three-piece necklace set is a beautiful nod to the love shared between a grandmother, mother, and granddaughter.

Gourmet Basket

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Gourmet Gift Baskets has the perfect items for any occasion, including Grandparents Day, and one of the best grandma gifts. The ones who pour so much into our children’s lives deserve to feel loved too. This Gift Basket for Grandparents is one of our favorites and contains delicious items that grandma will surely enjoy.

Vera Bradley Tote Bag

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Vera Bradley’s tote bags feature a variety of delightful prints and are a must-have among the best grandma gifts. Whether she keeps busy on school pickup duty five days a week or travels across states to see her grandbabies throughout the year.

5 Gifts for Grandpa

Here are five gifts to give your best grandpa.

Engraved Pocket Watch

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Here’s a great antique gift! This classic option combines quality and sentimentality with the option to personalize the watch’s back side.

Photo wallet

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Engraved photo wallet

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A photo wallet is a one-of-a-kind pick for the practical man with a soft side. You can opt to have a full photo printed or an image engraved. Your grandpa will love either!

Custom socks

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You can add a photo of your choice to these custom socks from ShineSand. What proud grandpa wouldn’t want to walk around with his adorable grandkids’ smiling faces literally at his heels?

4. Grandpa Definition Mug

Grandpa Definition Mug

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A staple for any newly promoted grandfather, this mug will kick his coffee-drinking game up a notch with a witty touch.

5. What I Love About Grandpa Fill in the Love Journal

What I Love About Grandpa Fill in the Love Journal

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This easy-to-complete, 112-page fill-in-the-blank book will make the special man in your family’s life feel appreciated in a big way.

Best Gifts for New Grandparents

Here are six of the best gift ideas for the new grandparents in your life.

Wonderbly Personalized Books

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This customizable book is just the right read to have on hand for sleepovers at Nana and Papa’s. We love the option to customize it with the grandparents’ and grandchildren’s names.

2. Chronicle Books Letters to My Grandchild

Chronicle Books Letters to My Grandchild

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There are few gifts more valuable than a grandparent’s wisdom. This book of letters is a special gift to give to grandparents who look forward to passing on their wisdom to the youngest in the family.

eCreamery Ice Cream

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Becoming a grandparent calls for a sweet celebration! This personalized ice cream is so cute, and eCreamery has several yummy flavors to choose from. This might be a more unconventional concept regarding gifts for grandparents, but we promise nobody will complain.

4. Grandma Sweatshirt

Grandma Sweatshirt

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No matter what her name of choice is, every new grandmother deserves to sport her title fashionably. This sweatshirt even allows you to have grandkids’ names listed on the sleeve.

5. Grandpa Ball Cap

Grandpa Ball Cap

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Nothing says “proud” like a special grandparent title worn on an everyday ball cap for all to see. With the personalized name option, you’ll hit a home run with this one.

6. When I Became Your Grandma & Grandad Books

When I Became Your Grandma book cover

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When I Became Your Grandad book cover

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These books are sure to be Grandma’s and Grandad’s favorite bedtime stories to read to their grandbabies. These rhyming stories show the deep love and bond between grandmother and grandchild and grandfather and grandchild. They are beautifully written and illustrated. Such great gifts for their first Grandparents Day gift!

6 Personalized Gifts for Grandparents

Here are six gifts you can personalize for the sentimental grandparent for Grandparents Day 2023.

Artwork Picture Frame

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This frame holds a collection of artworks for showing off, making it an excellent solution for preserving treasured creations. And without losing them in storage bins.

2. Handprint/Footprint Stepping Stone

Handprint/Footprint Stepping Stone

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Some grandparents hide a magical garden of flowers away close to their home. A hand or footprint steppingstone adds a heartwarming touch to any garden.

3. Willow Tree Grandparent Figurine

Willow Tree Grandmother Figurine

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Willow Tree Grandfather Figurine

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Willow Tree figurines are lovely gifts for any longtime fan or newbie to the brand. They’re the quintessential collector’s item for depicting beloved relationships — like those connecting generations.

4. Frankie Print Co Grandparents Blanket

Frankie Print Co Grandparents Blanket

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This beautifully woven cotton throw blanket features a loving message that honors our grandparents’ impact on our lives. Cuddle-worthy and aesthetically pleasing enough to be draped and displayed anywhere.

5. Grandparents Garden Pillow

Grandparents Garden Pillow

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This charming pillow can be customized with grandchildren’s names and birth flowers, making it a pretty and personal addition to everyone’s favorite spot to gather around.

Mpix Photo Calendar

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This high-quality photo calendar is the perfect place to showcase favorite moments and keep track of those yet to come.

Other Great Gifts for Grandparents Day 2023

Do you still need ideas? Here are four more great gift ideas for any grandparent.

The Sill Plant Subscription

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This curated monthly box allows you to gift orchids, pet-friendly plants, or easy-care plants (planters included). Choose from three- or six-month subscriptions to let grandparents know you’re thinking of them on Grandparents Day 2023 and beyond.

Warmies slippers

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These soft and cozy slippers are lavender-scented and can be microwaved for comfort. A thoughtful pick for the busy grandparents kept on their toes day in and day out, Warmies will surely bring the warm fuzzies for Grandparents Day 2023.

3. Grandparents Doormat

Grandparents Doormat

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There’s no better way to greet the most welcomed visitors than with a sweet message at the doorstep. Plus, what grandparent wouldn’t love having a permanent spot to brag about their status?

4. Flippy Tablet Pillow Stand

Flippy Tablet Pillow Stand

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This stand will quickly become your video chat-loving grandparent’s must-have accessory for making those weekly check-ins even more enjoyable.

Grandparents Day 2023 is just around the corner. I hope these gifts for grandparents lead you to the perfect find for the fantastic grandmothers and grandfathers in your family’s life. Happy Grandparents Day (and happy gifting)!

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